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Jumaat, 23 September 2011

China iPhone

Detailed Selling Lead Descriptions :
* The phone has been applied the most updated technology of touch screen * Vibrating speakers brings you wonderful 3D sound effect by playing MP3 and MP4 * The function of swinging to change the music makes you enjoy the magic of technology
* Finger slide function to unlock the touch screen and keypad * 3.2 inch (diagonal) widescreen multi touch display * Bluetooth wireless technology makes you feel easy in business approaching * Embedded megapixels camera enables you to keep record of your world * The mode of saving power enables long standby time of the phone * Double sim cards with one of them on line * Ebook,video recorder and several games * Synchronous phonetic video recording * GPRS,WAP,MMS * T-Flash 512MB can
support up to 4G
Before RM899

& Now only RM 599.00

( include : 2 battery,1 usb cable,1 charger adaptor,1 desktop charger,1 handsfree,Micro SD 4GB)

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